We know it’s not easy to find your dream EV with the current research and shopping tools out there. Search tools on the most popular marketplaces were built around the traditional combustion engine.With EVs becoming very popular very fast, it is tough finding the right car for the right price.

That is where we come in. We have designed a location that allows buyers to view inventory information all across Canada for all EV types. This streamlines the process for customers and makes their buying experience that much better.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, we are here to make the purchasing process better for all parties involved.

Who we are?
FindMyEv is an online one stop shop project established by the Canadian company Autochargers.ca as part of its vision of building a sustainable future. We demonstrate the steps toward that vision by offering a marketplace that makes it easier to connect you to sellers. We are proud to serve as the link that ties you to the affordable EV cars around you. Such initiative is put in place to ensure that you and our sellers find a haven where we can act as the moderator to insure an informed and beneficial exchange.

Who we serve?
FindMyEv is currently dedicated to serving the Canadian marketplace when it comes to their EV needs. Come for a car, stay for a charger. We are focusing on offering outstanding services to you by making sure you don’t miss out on the great deals on car listings our sellers offer. Of course, we won’t neglect our amazing deals on home chargers, and EV charging accessories put at your disposition for your convenience.

Our Mission
Why visit 10 sites when everything you want can be found on one? Autochargers created the FindMyEV project to give you a platform where you can find the PEV and PHEV that suits your means as well as home chargers and charging accessories to go with it. Therefore, making your every EV needs just a click away without needing to browse further. Our mission is to make it easier for you to satisfy your everything EV need right here. We also aim to educate our novice EV users with our keeping you EV connected weekly facts on the advantages of building a sustainable future.

Our Vision
We understand you are struggling with popping the big question – Should I go EV? While our mission is to guarantee a beneficial transaction, our vision is to make sure you make an informed decision. It is our belief that going EV can prove to be the best fit for your daily life, just let us convince you why. We aim to make sure you understand what that big life step entails by simplifying the jargon and myths about EV. Going EV is more than a choice, it’s a lifestyle and we provide all the tools to make it a smooth ride.

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